"Lighthouse Project" at Leonhard Lang - Interview with Klaus Draxl, COO

Due to the rapid growth, the production area as well as the warehouse and the administration area at Leonhard Lang are bursting at the seams. This prompted the management to initiate a new building, which is the mirror image of the existing plant 2 and an enlargement by 130%.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the plant expansion took place in February 2023. The company is investing € 30 million to expand the space. Around 100 additional office workplaces and recreation rooms will be built, as well as production and storage areas.

In addition to Managing Director Burrhus Lang, Christoph Hauser (Head of Facility Management) and Klaus Draxl (COO) are also involved in the construction project, and together they face the challenges of a construction project of this magnitude. Klaus Draxl reports that especially the adaptation of the building to the site, as well as the consensus finding between the individual areas, is a major challenge.

The city of Innsbruck also calls it a "lighthouse project", because the construction of the building stands under special stars, because building in times of crisis also involves risks. With this step, Leonhard Lang is also making a significant contribution to upgrading the location.

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