Leonhard Lang continues to grow

Leonhard Lang has been producing medical products in Innsbruck since 1983. The successful company expands its Plant 2 in Rossau to meet the increased demand. With around 400 employees, the company develops, produces and sells high-quality disposable products in more than 70 countries worldwide.


Due to the strong growth in recent years, Leonhard Lang's production and storage capacities as well as its administration are bursting at the seams. For this reason, the management decided to build a new building that will expand the existing Plant 2 by 130%, including a new high-bay warehouse.


The construction work, managed by the company Fröschl, should be completed in around 42 weeks. The new building will create additional office space of around 2,000 m², storage space of around 3,000 m² and production areas of around 5,000 m². In addition, Leonhard Lang not only wants to create more space with this expansion, but also to use this newly gained space in an energy-efficient way, with concrete core activation for heating and cooling by using groundwater. A photovoltaic system with an output of 0.5 million kWp on two façades and almost the entire roof area is also planned."

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