Leonhard Lang Training and Further Education 2023

Training and development not only strengthens the company, but also benefits the entire team.


We believe that a better supported, committed and motivated staff is thus given all the conditions to strengthen team cohesion and create a thriving corporate culture.

1st course: PM Competence I - PM Methods and Instruments

2nd course: PM Competence II - PM Processes

3rd Course: PM Social Compentece - Leadership and Teamwork

The three seminars we attended consisted of a practical part lasting over two days and an e-learning based on this. In the following, we would like to tell you more about the contents learned by our team.

"Nobody is perfect but a team can be!"

The "Leadership and Teamwork" seminar was about precisely that: team development and learning how to deal with conflicts in a solution-oriented manner. Part of the seminar were targeted, experience-oriented exercises in which participants could reflect on their own leadership behavior and learn how to strengthen their own acceptance of leadership. Further important learned focal points of the course were:

Requirements for managers, theoretical foundations, leadership actions, team building and team development, motivation, communication, feedback and dealing with conflicts.

All in all, a training that not only contributed to the expansion of the individual skillsets, but also massively strengthened the cohesion and understanding as a team at Leonhard Lang.

In the continuing seminars PM Competence Basic Journey and PM Competence I, the focus was then finally on learning various project management methods and instruments.

Through the integrated consideration of the topics of project management and social skills, important interrelationships were made transparent to our team and the know-how on the methods and processes of individual project management was strengthened. In addition to learning sound theory, direct practical transfer was also an essential part of the training: Practical examples typical of the industry, the inclusion of our own projects, and experience games made the linking of methodological and leadership skills comprehensible for our team. Further contents of the course were:

Basic concepts and methods of project management,

Project concept and project types, PM approach, project delimitation and

-context analysis, project mission, project stakeholder analysis,

Performance planning, scheduling, resource and cost planning,

Organizational design of projects: Project roles,

-organigram, -communication, -rules of the game, overview,

Risk management in projects, forms of project documentation,

Software support, planning project launch process.

Our trained team now has a solid education in single project management as well as a sound knowledge base for certification according to the international standards of IPMA and PMI.

Do you have any questions about our company? Are you perhaps even interested in career opportunities?

We look forward to hearing from you,

Your Leonhard Lang Team.

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