Innovative collaboration - Automated defibrillation electrode production

Leonhard Lang, Dessl and Stäubli have joined forces in a pioneering cooperation project to develop an automated machine that can be used to produce high-quality defibrillation electrodes.

This groundbreaking initiative combines the expertise and technologies of these three companies to optimize the production of life-saving medical devices. The automation of defibrillation electrode production is a crucial step in increasing output while freeing up employees for more complex tasks.

Leonhard Lang, an expert in the field of medical electrodes, brings his many years of experience and know-how to the partnership.

Dessl, a company with expertise in automated production processes, contributes innovative technologies that enable precise and efficient production.

Stäubli, known for its robotics solutions, is helping to equip the machine with sophisticated robot-controlled systems.

The combination of these competencies aims to revolutionize the production of defibrillation electrodes. Automation not only increases production speed, but also ensures consistent electrode quality. This is crucial, as defibrillation electrodes are a key component in the use of defibrillators to treat life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias.

The close collaboration between these three companies reflects the growing trend of industry experts joining forces to drive innovation. In this case, their skills in medical electrodes, automation technology and robotics are coming together to make a significant advance in the manufacture of life-saving medical devices.

The future of medical manufacturing could be transformed by such collaborations, which not only increase efficiency but also ensure the quality and availability of life-saving devices.

To the TT article from 07.05.2023

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