Setting impulses together - Careers at Leonhard Lang

A look at our history and the values that characterize our company

Started 150 years ago as a family business in Innsbruck and still proudly in family hands today - that is the basis of our impressive

Company history. For 40 years now, we have specialized in the manufacture of electrode systems and medical accessories. Our products, manufactured to the highest medical standards, are now recognized and used worldwide. But what really sets us apart goes far beyond our products - our unique corporate culture.

At the heart of our culture: open communication and a family atmosphere

At a time when large companies often become anonymous institutions, we deliberately focus on a close connection between production and headquarters, which are physically located at the same site. This physical proximity has enabled a special culture of open doors and direct communication. Our cross-departmental open door policy promotes an open exchange and creates an atmosphere in which ideas and suggestions are welcome.

A special feature that runs through the entire company is our "you" culture. This informal approach creates a trusting basis for cooperation and team spirit.

From idea to reality: innovation in products and processes

Our innovative strength extends not only to our products, but also to the processes behind their manufacture. We are proud to have developed not only our products, but also the production machines required for them, in-house. This initiative opens up huge potential for creative solutions and ground-breaking developments.

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve and advance our products and processes. Our team of engineers, researchers and developers work hand in hand to push the boundaries of what is possible and turn ground-breaking ideas into reality.

Future in sight: Our path to new horizons

We are not resting on our laurels: With a strong foundation in tradition and family values, we look boldly to the future.

With a constant focus on open communication, shared commitment and an unwavering passion for progress, we continue our mission to create pioneering solutions for the medical industry. Our sights are set on the next 150 years - an exciting journey that we are embarking on together with our dedicated team, customers and partners.

From innovation to sales: how our different departments contribute to our success together.

A successful company consists of many moving parts that work together in harmony. It's no different with us. Our divisions:

Innovation and technology management:

Planning & (further) development / construction / validation & qualification of your own


Product development / product management / innovations

Technical process management / process engineering


Quality management

Quality management and quality assurance


Chemical production / maintenance and repair / warehouse


international / austria-wide

A career at Leonhard Lang is more than just a steep career ladder, because we focus on people - commitment and innovation are the key to success.

Commitment beyond borders. Our definition of a career revolves around committed personalities who broaden horizons. We are looking for people who think outside the box and are prepared to break new ground. For us, it is not only what has already been achieved that counts, but above all the commitment that an employee brings to the table.

A meaningful career instead of a steep career ladder. We believe that a fulfilling career is more than just climbing a steep career ladder. For us, it's about finding meaning in what we do. We value employees who not only strive for the top, but also recognize the value of their contribution to society and the world.

Proactivity and bold ideas. We value people who have the courage to share their thoughts and visions in order to create innovative solutions together. With us, you will find an environment that encourages creativity and open exchange.

Learn, grow and discover new things. We believe that true career development comes with continuous learning and growth. It's not just about what you already know, but about how willing you are to acquire new knowledge and apply it to your work.

Experience meets innovation. We value the combination of decades of proven knowledge and fresh, innovative perspectives. Our employees bring their own know-how, which they combine with the latest findings and ideas.

Our benefits are designed to promote the well-being and satisfaction of our employees and create a working environment in which personal and professional development are equally encouraged. This includes:


Good transport connections, free parking on the company premises and travel allowance for public transport tickets


Fruit basket, health promotion, company doctor, coaching and mentoring programsx

Further education

Trainings for professional and personal development

Remote work

Mix of remote work and office work arrangements


Discounts and price reductions at our partner companies

Bring-a-friend reward

Bonus when employees are hired based on your recommendation


Company parties and team events


Presents for our employees on different occasions

Benefits for apprentices

Numerous benefits for apprentices. Ask us!

Work-life balance

Working according to an agreed flexitime model including home office days

Development opportunities

We offer various training and development opportunities so that you can acquire new qualifications and skills. This includes on-the-job training, further training, etc. We want to support you in your personal and professional development!

Innsbruck location

Our company location in Innsbruck offers a high recreational value. Located directly in the mountains, you have nature with its numerous opportunities for various activities right on your doorstep. The city also offers you a wide range of cultural activities. We are connected to the Innsbruck location, so everything is under one roof, at one location. From research and development to manufacturing and production, as well as the international distribution of our products.

A career with us means much more than just professional advancement. It means being part of a community that values the individual and relies on each person to bring their unique qualities to the table. It means taking responsibility for meaningful work and continuously growing in the process. At Leonhard Lang, we invest in people and together we create a career that is fulfilling, meaningful and full of innovation.

If you have any questions about the company or our vacancies, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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